Building in Foxchase Landing 

Can we bring our own builder?
Absolutely. While David with Southern Classics welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss his building your custom home, you are welcome to bring your own builder.
Can we walk the lots?
Yes please! Call Jim Duncan, marketing agent for Foxchase Landing anytime - 434-242-7140 (he lives in Crozet) and he will be happy to meet you and walk any or all of the lots
How long will it take to build?
With anything in real estate, the answer starts with “it depends.” Building a custom home involves a bit more upfront work than an “off-the-shelf” home - siting the home, working with the builder, draftsmen, architect, getting the home approved through the Foxchase Architectural Review Board ...

The typical build time from start to finish is typically between 7 and 9 months.
Is Foxchase Landing part of the Foxchase homeowners’ association?
Yes and no.

Yes - While homeowners in Foxchase Landing are subject to the Foxchase rules and regulations, pay monthly dues to the Foxchase HOA and get access to all of the Foxchase amenities - pool, tennis, clubhouse, walking trails -

No - Foxchase Landing homeowners are not able to join the Foxchase Board, but are able to join the ARB.